Situated in Plassac, this estate is called after two hillside vineyard parcels – “Gazin”, facing directly south, and “Mondésir”, overlooking the Gironde estuary.

The natural beauty of this landscape and the extremely high quality of these terroirs, incited us to acquire this property in 1990. Over the past 25 years, we have been unrelentingly committed to the elaboration of wines fully expressing the characteristics of this microclimate.

The tilled parcels are treated without the use of chemical weed killers, pesticides and insecticides. We also limit the use of sulphites during the maturation of our offerings. These growing choices are environmentally friendly and allow us to provide customers with healthy wines.

Laurence & Marc Pasquet

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Château Mondésir
Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux

Château Mondésir-gazin
Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux

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